Year 5

Welcome students, teachers, parents and visitors to the Year 5 ICT Page:
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1. More About Internet Safety:

In Year 5, students explore a variety of ‘Internet Safety’ sites

Check these out:

1. Digital Footprints

Your digital footprint, it is a mark left of every website, blog, comment, SMS chat you have used.
Make your digital footprint a POSITIVE ONE!!

THINK… before you post,comment, chat, download, sign in…

1. Where could you be leaving your ‘Digital Footprint’? Students are to draw the symbol for the app or website on the iDevice template.
2. Over the next 2 weeks, every time you visit a website, app or program, think about IF you are leaving your digital footprint there. You can add that app/website/program to your iDevice template.
3. My Future – iControl – What kinds of information would you want to find about yourself online in 10 years?
Fill in the footprint below with the types of search results (articles, posts, videos, images, etc.) that you would
want to see. Digital Footprint 10 Years Time template
Examples: “a YouTube video of me performing with my band,” “an online newspaper article about my
work to help the homeless,” “a photo of me at the White House meeting the president.” Be creative! (Source: Common Sense Media Trillion Dollar Footprint Student Activities)
Use Common Sense!
You can have a great time online learning from and sharing with others, but:
• Think before you post, because many things you do online will add to your digital footprint
• Remember to review your privacy settings
• Perform a search on yourself every so often to see what your digital footprint looks like

2. How Cybersafe Are You?


Help the Cyberquoll Twins explore the Internet.
The Internet is fun and exciting.Can you help them make the right choices when using the Internet, computers and other devices?

2. Cool Internet Search Engines:

K9 Safe Search

Kid Rex


Sweet Search for Students

3. More About Em@il:


4. Great Learning Sites:

All About Computers

Great Science Sites

5. Great Keyboard Sites:

Dance Mat Typing

30 Second Challenge

60 Second Challenge – 10 Fast Fingers

6. Great Computer Art Sites:

Art Pad

Sumo Paint

Smart Art Kids

Mr Picasso Head

Virtual: Haring Kids

7. Cool Multimedia Sites:


Kerpoof Multimedia

8. Great Online Comics:

Here are some great sites to create your own comic books. Have a go and share with us your thoughts. Got some other sites to share? Let us know

9. Cool Inquiry Links:

10. 3D Animation Links:

Pivot Stickfigure Animator– This is a program you download from the Internet onto your computer. Pivot works only on a Windows computer  (at the moment)
Check out this website for more information about this downloadable program.

Lego Digital Designer

This is a great 3D program you can download from the internet onto your computer ( ask your parents first!!!)

Scratch Programming:

This is a program you download from the internet and install on your computer. With Scratch you can learn how to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations

Click here to learn more about Scratch Program.

Animate: Create great animations using this cool site:

11. All About Apps:

Cool Apps For Schools

Apps For Primary Schools

12. Computer Shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Apple Mac 

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PC

Do you know these keyboard shortcuts?

13. Colour Art Websites: **NEW**

Colour Scheme Designer:

Year 5 & 6 ICT Tasks:

Hello Year 5 & 6 Students,

This week in ICT lessons you will be

1. Exploring my post called  ‘Minecraft Designers’.

2.  Reading the post and the 5 questions listed at the end of the post.

3.  Comment about ANY OR ALL of the 5 questions about online games.

4. Next you are to work on any of these areas


A: ‘Google Sketch Up’: Explore  Google Sketch Up page and leave a comment, then begin to design your own 3D world.

B: ‘Scratch‘ – Explore the ‘Scratch’ Page, leave a comment, then begin to create your own ‘Scratch’ animation or design.

We will work on these activities for the next 3 weeks so enjoy :)

Mrs Grasso :)