Year 4

Welcome students, teachers, parents and visitors to the Year 4 ICT Page:

Term 2:

Hi Year 4 Students,

It is a very exciting term as we all begin to explore ‘Chromebooks’, learning about them, what they are, learning about Google Apps for Education, learning about Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Draw and Google Sheets.

Mrs Grasso has shared a Google Doc with you that all students will work on together!
To locate this google doc please follow these steps:

1. Log into Google Drive
2. On the left hand side, click on ‘shared with me’
3. Click on the file called ‘Yr4 Introduction to Google Docs’
4. Click in your own ROW, please work through each row and complete them as best you can.
5. If you have completed all the sections in your row, please check and double check it is FULLY completed

New App: ‘Google Slides’ (similar to PowerPoint)
You will now be exploring another app called ‘Google Slides’
1. Go to Google Drive
2. Go to ‘New’
3. Click on ‘Google Slides’ (Yellow square)
4. Create a title slide ‘How I Keep Healthy’, your name and class
Make this slide as creative, bright and colourful as you can including inserting pictures to match your title.

I look forward to seeing your creative designs and all the different tools you explore in ‘Google Slides’.

It is exciting to hear that students in Year 4 are eager to learn about blogging!!

There will be some great activities to explore!

Let’s Get Going 🙂 🙂

Myspace Glitter Graphics -

Creating Avatars:  Loads of Fun

Students are now able to explore these sites about creating ‘AVATARS’

1.  PLANET CREATION:  You are able to email it to your SCHOOL email address when you have designed an ‘Avatar’

2. MINI MIZER: LEGO AVATAR CREATOR:  this is a cool site to check out. Not sure if you can save it but you can ‘print screen’ the picture and save it into Microsoft ‘Paint’ then save that file in your folder. Have a play!!

3. MR PICASSO HEAD  this is a great site as well.

1. More About Internet Safety:

How Cybersmart R U? Quiz

Hi Year 4,

All  students are continuing their learning about the safe, sensible and responsible use of digital tools and devices particularly with the new ‘Chromebook and Windows 8’ devices.

Students will be refreshing their knowledge and understanding of what it means to be ‘safe, sensible and responsible’ online.

Students will explore a unit of work called ‘How Cybersmart R U?’ 

How does the quiz work?

You will be guided through 11 questions by Sam. She will help you and tell you what you need to do.

In each question you will need to make a decision about what you would do. You will be asked to select your answers from the ones provided.

Put your thinking caps on and good luck!

What happens if I get the answers wrong?

Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, you can give it another try! In fact, you can have as many tries as you like.



cybersafe image


Goodluck 🙂  Mrs Grasso 🙂

Home learning task: students once you have completed the quiz, you are to share with your parents the quiz and chose 3 different areas that you can explain to your parents/families to show your understanding of being ‘safe, respectful and responsible’ online !!

Please share a comment here on my blog about your learning!! I look forward to hearing from you.



2. Cool Internet Search Engines:

Here are some great search engines for you to check out:
K9 Safe Search

Kid Rex


Sweet Search for Students

3. More About Em@il:


4. Great Learning Sites:

All About Computers

Great Science Sites

5. Great Keyboard Sites:

Dance Mat Typing

30 Second Challenge

60 Second Challenge – 10 Fast Fingers

6. Great Computer Art Sites:

Art Pad

Sumo Paint

Smart Art Kids

Mr Picasso Head

Virtual: Haring Kids

7. Cool Multimedia Sites:


8. Great Online Comics:

Here are some great sites to create your own comic books. Have a go and share with us your thoughts. Got some other sites to share? Let us know

9. Cool Inquiry Links:


10. Great Animation Links:

Pivot Stickfigure Animator– This is a program you download from the Internet onto your computer. Pivot works only on a Windows computer  (at the moment)
Check out this website for more information about this downloadable program.

Lego Digital Designer

This is a great 3D program you can download from the internet onto your computer ( ask your parents first!!!)

Scratch Programming:

This is a program you download from the internet and install on your computer. With Scratch you can learn how to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations

Click here to learn more about Scratch Program.

Year 4 Tasks: ‘Scratch’

1. Log onto the Internet and go to ‘Scratch’ video tutorials here:

2. Open up ‘Scratch’ the program on your own computer

3. Continue to watch the video tutorials to add special effects to your ‘Sprite-Avatar’

4. Throughout the year you will be sharing your learning of ‘Scratch’ with each other, different classes and inviting your families in as well!!

5. Keep exploring and enjoying ‘Scratch’ 🙂