Year 3

Welcome students, teachers, parents and visitors to the Year 3 ICT Page:

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1. Positive Online Communication: All About Em@il:

sending email

email remindersresponsible-email-use


eM@il Activities – Year 3:

In ICT this term you will learn how to use eM@il as well as get to know some other students in your class.

On your email draft page, fill in the 3 boxes

Box 1:  To: write the email address of your buddy

Box 2: Subject: write Hi ________(your buddy’s name) From____ (your name)

Large box: (body of email)
Follow the steps below to draft your 3 questions to your eM@il buddy to get to know them better.

Lastly, have your work checked by a teacher.

Now log onto your email and complete your good copy

Ask a teacher to check ALL details before sending your Good Copy!!

Have fun 🙂

sending email A

2. Cool Internet Search Engines:

Check out these search engines to help you search for information, games, stories etc.
A) FUSE – Primary  Level Search Engine
B) K9 Safe Search
C)  Kid Rex Search Engine 

3. All About Internet Safety:

Welcome Year 3 students to Internet Safety. Having your own personal username and password is a previlidge and you need to use it respecfully and carefully at school and at home.

A) Watch these videos about COMPUTER SECURITY  from ‘Hector’s World’ 

B) How much do you know about Internet Safety and passwords? Click on the link below and create a ‘Budd:e” character along the way.
 Build A Budd:e Internet Character

Hello Year 3 Students, Parents and Visitors;

This term in ICT sessions, students will be exploring an online unit of work related to ‘Being Safe Online’. Students will explore


What is Budd:e?

Budd:e (Primary) has been developed for Australian primary schools, for Years 3 and above.   Budd:e is education about the risks people take by going online, and the possible consequences of those risks.  It’s also education about the technical and behavioural measures we can all use, to help reduce our risk, and bolster online security — security for people, for internet devices, and for personal data.
budde start page image
Budd:e (Primary) contains eight online learning activities, plus one offline activity.  Students are required to make decisions, and may experiment with choices and consequences.  Progress through each activity is guided by prompts and feedback.

Budd:e is  an interactive tool that allows children to build and customise a ‘budd:e’ to personify good cybersecurity practice and online conduct.  Each Budd:e part is tied to a learning activity, so to build a ‘budd:e’ children must work through every learning activity to successful completion.

Students will receive a permission form to be completed by parents/guardians to enable them to create an account to enable their ‘Budd:e’ character to be saved and added to each session.


4. Great Learning Sites:

Bite Size Literacy 

Bite Size Numeracy

Bite Size Science

5. Great Keyboard Sites:

Keyboard Climber

Dance Mat Typing

Keyboard Racer

6. Great Computer Art Sites:

Art Pad

National Gallery of Art -NGA – Kids

7. Cool Multimedia Sites:


8. Great Online Comics:

9. Cool Inquiry Links:

Melbourne Zoo

Dust Echoes 

Behind The News – BTN