Year 2

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Year 2 ICT


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Term 2: ‘How Do I Stay Healthy?’

Here are some great resources that students will explore this term
A: Video: Growing A Vegetable Garden:

Have you ever grown vegetables? In this clip you will discover many things about vegies and how they grow. Presenter Nick Hardcastle will even show you how to make a vegetable garden in a box. Find out which vegetable is actually a flower, which are the best seasons for planting and picking, and how deep to bury seeds.

Teachers: If you cannot view the view above, here is the link to go directly to ABC Splash where the video is located:!/media/106432/vegetable-gardens

B: Australian Garden Detective:

C: How Healthy Is Your Lunchbox?

D: Types of Fruit:

E: Types of Vegetables:

F: Keeping Healthy – Moving and Growing

G: Keeping Healthy – Teeth and Eating

H: ABC Splash: What creatures live in the garden?



1. All About Internet Safety:

Hector’s World.

Students are learning about being safe on the Internet.

How to show respect to others on the Internet.

What to do if someone or something upsets you.


Hi Year 2 Students, Parents and Visitors;

Computers and mobiles can be used to chat, text and even share photos. But some people aren’t always nice and they might send mean or nasty messages.

See how Hector and his friends can help you stand up against ‘cyberbullying’

Cyberbullying: You’re Not Alone
Hector and his friends celebrate being good digital citizens and help their good friend Ming to deal with a cyberbully.

Hector with friends_copyright

Copyright images used with the permission of Hector’s World Limited

Mrs Grasso looks forward to exploring  what ‘cyberbullying’ means and how to identify it.

Cheerio Mrs Grasso 🙂

2. Great Learning Sites:


Literacy – For The Juniors

Numeracy – For The Juniors

Science – For The Juniors 

3. Great Keyboard Sites:

Keyboard Climber

Dance Mat Typing

4. Great Computer Art Sites:

Sumo Paint

Art Pad

The Art Zone

5. Searching On The Internet

K9 Safe Search


Google Junior

Ask Kids

6. Fun Sites:

Lego Creative Builder

7. Comics Online:

Marvel Kids Comics 

Lego City Comic Builder


8. Let’s Learn About… Science – Fabulous Forces, Gravity

Forces and Magnets

Forces and Motion

Forces Activities For Kids

9. Introduction To Em@il

Students in Year 2 are introduced to email.  Students learn these key words, Compose, reply, To, Subject

Click on this poster below to view how to compose an email @ our school:

email reminders

In Year 2, students will be exploring all things to do  with ‘eMail’.


1. Mrs Grasso will select an ’email buddy’ from your class 

2. You are to ‘draft’ an email to your buddy in Microsoft Word. 

You are to include these areas: To, Subject and Body of email. 

3. Next you are to ‘split screen’ have both the Internet and Microsoft Word open ( ask Mrs Grasso or your teacher how to do this cool trick 🙂

4. Mrs Grasso or your teacher is to check your draft.

5. Save your draft in your folder on S:/drive

6. Shade over and copy  (or control c, or file – copy) the email address from your draft into the To:  section, click in the ‘To’ section and then click ‘file – paste’ or control V

7. Shade over the ‘Subject:’ section, shade over the To……………..  From:……………………….. section and as above, copy and then paste it into the  Subject section.

8. Next shade over and copy all the information you have in the ‘body’ and paste it into the box under the ‘Subject’ box.

9. Have a look below at the sample.

10 Check, check, double check  your spelling, sentences, punctuation and that no personal information is being shared in your email.

11. Now you can click ‘SEND’ and your email should go to your buddy!

12. Time to check your email box, has your buddy sent an email to you?



How do you reply to an email?

At school the program we use has a special button called ‘ REPLY’ and it looks like this:

1. Open the email from your buddy. 

2. Read it, then click on the ‘Reply’ button like the one above

3. Fill in the ‘CORRECT’ email address in the To: box

4. Fill in the Subject box: Hi…………….  From…………………

5. In the large box, press enter a few times so your buddy’s email is pushed towards the bottom of the box.

6. Click in the top left corner of the large box and begin your reply to your buddy.

7. Below are some reminders to help you reply to your class email buddy



This is the final part of our learning about email.

1. You are to ask your mum or dad or another family member if you could ask them some questions

2. Ask your family member to write down their email address in your diary

3. Bring your diary to ICT lessons

4. Open Microsoft Word, draft an email to  your family member asking them 2 or 3 questions to encourage them to reply to you

5. Ensure you follow the steps as like in the picture above to create a positive email to your family member.

6. Copy and paste the email address in the ‘To’ section

7. Copy and paste all the information in the ‘Subject’ section   Hi ……. (name of family member) From…..(your first name only)

8. Copy and paste all the information that needs to go into the ‘Body’ of the email

9. Check, check and double check, spelling, email address, sentences, no personal information is shared, no shortcut langauage

10. Ask your teacher to double check it

11. Press send! Hopefully your family member will read it and reply by our next ICT lesson 🙂

NOTE for Parents: Please read this information from Common Sense Media regarding effective email communication