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  1. Dear Ms Grasso,
    I believe that Melbourne is a great place to live in because we are a happy country and we are not forced to go into war and fight unlike other countries. We also have great architecture like the national gallery which grade 4 just visited on an excursion. My favourite piece of art would be the weeping woman because the expressions told a story.

    From timecheck369

  2. Dear Mrs Grasso
    I loved looking at your blog it was fantastic and I can’t wait to make a billy cart now. It looks really fun and exciting to make this will be a really fun challenge.
    From AC

  3. Hello Mrs Grasso,

    I liked the winter post that you made. I especially liked the picture of the sports ground. Is that the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)?
    I also like making pizza and pasta because my grandma taught me how to make it really yummy!
    I hope you enjoyed your winter and I hope you had lots of fun at your ‘Minecraft’ workshop,
    Kind Regards, Sisi 

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