Sketch Up!

Hi Everyone,

Introduction to ‘SketchUp’…..

Check out this amazing video called ‘Vino’. The possibilities of  SketchUp!

Here is an interview with Hollywood artist Harald Belker who uses Google Sketch Up!

Check out the possibilities!!


If you would like to use Sketch Up on your computer at home you will need to

A: go to this website:

B: Ask your parents if you can download it

C: Install it on your computer or macbook or iMac

D: Have a look on You Tube – there is a whole channel dedicated to ‘Sketch Up’ –

NOTE:…There is a new version called ‘Google Sketch Up 2013’ You can find out more and  download it from here (double check with your parents first!!!)


 1.Watch Video 1 – Getting Started With Google Sketch Up!
(This video uses Google Sketch Up! Version 7, but you can still create the same house with similar features using Google Sketch Up 8 which is the Version we currently have at school)


2.  CREATE a house similar to the one in the above video

3. SAVE your SketchUp house in your ICT folder on S:/drive ( click on ‘file’ save as)

4. TAKE a photo of your design using  ‘print screen’. 

5. OPEN  a new document and PASTE your picture (don’t forget to crop your design)

6. INSERT a TITLE heading called My SketchUp Design

7. WRITE a REFLECTION about your new learning of using SketchUp



  • Create your own design of a room in your house or a future house, including lots of ‘components’,


  • have a go at ……….. a sports ovalplaygroundswimming pool etc. using the skills you have learnt using Google Sketch Up!

Google Sketch Up Tutorial Videos

Video-Part 1: Getting Started

Extra Video: Drawing Lines & Edges – The Rules

Extra Video: ‘Push/Pull’

Video-Part 2: Drawing Accurately

Video-Part 3: Interior Spaces & 3D Warehouse

Video-Part 4: Building Furniture

Extra Video: Stretching/Shrinking Objects

Video Part 5: How To Record A ‘Fly Through’ Video

Happy Sketching Everyone !!
Mrs Grasso 🙂

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  1. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I have read you page about Google Sketch up
    and I really enjoyed the video about it. I can’t wait to explore more about at school and at home.
    thanks so much
    From GC

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