What Is Scratch???

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art,

stories, simulations and games – and share those creations online.

“Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See”

**Information for Parents**

VIDEO 1: What Is Scratch? Here is a video to watch that explains what ‘Scratch’ is all about: – starting scratch

Ok – Let’s Check it out… 

1. Have a go online following some introductory steps here:

VIDEO 2: GET STARTED WITH SCRATCH: Watch this video tutorial on how to get started with ‘Scratch’

3.  More Step By Step Video Tutorials here:

4: To help out with the video tutorials above,  here is a link to the ‘Scratch Cards’ that have step by step instructions that you can save or download

5: Here is a video for students looking for a challenge:
Learn how to create a game of ‘ Pong’ by watching and listening to this  Podcast

6: Want to learn more? Go to “Learn Scratch” lessons. Amazing things to check out and learn!!

7. What do other kids think about ‘Scratch’? Check out this video! 


VIDEO 4: LEARN CODE:  Why Learn Code? Hear from the experts!!




  If you want to download ‘Scratch’ (like the one Mrs Grasso has in the ICT Lab version 1.4)  ASK PERMISSION FROM YOUR PARENTS FIRST –

then go to this link:


Go to this website:  to find out about the NEW totally INTERNET based version

 You can use the program for free without signing up however if you have permission from your parents you can  create a username and password
(please make sure you have asked permission from your parents first if you are UNDER 13 Years old)

 Check what the AGE limit is for this program by reading  the Terms and Conditions here:

 Once you have your own username and password, then you need to go back to this website and then click on the ‘CREATE’ Tab . This new version of ‘Scratch’ at the moment is totally ONLINE, however if  you created an account, you can save any ‘Scratch’ programs 🙂

Does this look cool or what?  If you like ‘MineCraft’ and other 3D worlds, you will gain a better understanding of how all these programs are made behind the scenes.

Cheerio for now 🙂

Mrs Grasso 🙂

Have you used or explored ‘Scratch’? What do you think of it? What ideas do you have that you COULD design?

I look forward to hearing from you!!


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    • Hi DGirl
      Thanks so much for your great information about computer programming. I have checked out the website you suggested and it looks great!! We are going to be exploring some ‘computer programming’ this year and I think this site would be great to explore. It is very similar to ‘Scratch’ that we explored a bit last year.

      Congratulations for exploring this website and your amazing skill to write over 300 lines of code. Truly amazing!!
      Would you like to share your skill and this website next term?

      Thanks so much for sharing and your comment.
      Have a great day!
      Mrs Grasso

  1. Hello Ms.Grasso
    I absolutely love scratch! It’s fast and doesn’t take up lots of Wi-Fi. Unfortunately I wish scratch was a downloadable widget so you could not waste up wifi like the old version.
    Kind Regards sacuL

    • Hi HS,
      Thanks for your comment, I am glad you are interested in exploring ‘Scratch’ I am sure you will enjoy seeing all the amazing things that you can create!
      I am really enjoying adding lots of things to my blog, I am learning so much!
      Have a wonderful day
      Mrs Grasso 🙂

    • Hi CE,
      Thanks for exploring the 3 different pages for this week’s task. The ‘Scratch’ page is so very popular with lots of students! I am glad you want to explore it some more!
      Look forward to learning lots about ‘Scratch’ with everyone!
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso 🙂

  2. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I love your Scratch page it’s so cool. I love the video about Scratch and if it was up to me I would be at home right now downloading the program because it sounds like soooo much fun.

    From Camera

    • Hi Camera,
      Great nickname 🙂
      ‘Scratch’ is an amazing program and like the video says, you really can create so many different things!

      It is wonderful that there is now an ‘online’ version of the program, so you do not have to download it!
      Happy exploring
      Cheers Mrs Grasso 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I really like your blog because of all the different programs on it.
    I have got a good idea for my scratch project and it’s going to be called just bouncing.
    Thank you for putting up the scratch part.

    • Hello GMan,
      Thanks for your comment about my ‘Scratch’ page. It is a very interesting and creative program and I hope you will enjoy exploring all the different possibilities!

      We will explore it a bit more later on this Term and I look forward to seeing your good idea!
      Thanks for visiting,
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

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