Dear Parents and Visitors,

Here are some presentations from Parent Information Sessions that I have organised for our school community.

2015 Parent Session- Keeping Your Child Safe Online: KidProof

In 2015 our Parent community was invited to a parent session with tips and strategies to keep children safe when online using a variety of resources. Our school engaged the services of KidProof after winning a ‘free’ parent workshop.

Catherine Gerhardt from KidProof Australia  presented a most engaging and refreshing take on ‘Protecting Your Kids Online’. We had very positive feedback from the sessions stating that they wish for their children to hear the same messages. A very positive night for all attendees.





2014 Parent, Student and Staff Cybersafety Sessions: ACMA

In April 2014, students in yr 3, 4,5 & 6 all attended a special presentation with Greg Gebhart from ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority – Australian Government). Students explored many concepts around using technology safely, what ‘inapp’ purchases are, what to do if  students see or hear something. It was a great session.

The staff also participated in a staff professional learning meeting then a parent session was held on the same day. It was disappointing that not as many parents attended as in 2013, however the parents who were there gained valuable information, tips, ideas and resources.


Parent, Students and Staff Cybersafety Presentation 2013
Susan McLean

In May 2013, all students in Year 3 – 6 and all staff and many parents attended a variety of presentations by Cybersafety expert Susan McLean from ‘Cybersafety Solutions’

It was a very informative day for all students, staff and parents who attended and participated in Susan’s presentations.


Here are Cybersafety Tips that Susan shared with us:

1. Cybersafety Tips for Students:

2. Cybersafety Tips for Parents

3. Cybersafety Tips for Educators 



Curriculum Night 2012- Technology Snapshot