Hello Everyone,

I have created this page for all the students at my school who are keen ‘Minecrafters’

There are two senior students who have completed an amazing opportunity to use ‘Minecraft’ to design the dome of the State Library Victoria.  They will add some information about their experiences here.

They also have some great ideas for the other students who are keen ‘Minecrafters’ at our school.

Keep visiting to see what great ideas, feedback and hopefully some designs for everyone to see.


Mrs Grasso 🙂

For now, here is a ‘post I wrote about Minecraft Designers and some great comments from our students

What is Minecraft? Check out this cool video

Want to get started with Minecraft?

Here are some basic tips and tricks. How many of these do you know?


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  1. Hi Guys,
    If you like Minecraft try playing a game called Robocraft. It is a fun game that combines that building of Minecraft with the game-play of World of Tanks. The result is a fun, PG rated game that is great fun and very enjoyable.
    Look out for DestroyerZX (Luke G) and Deadpooll, Deadspacce or War_Machiine (Me).
    Also if you want to find good ways to survive Minecraft watch Paul Soares Jr’s Survive and Thrive Minecraft series II on YouTube.
    Bye for now,

  2. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I’m a huge fan of minecraft and i play it every day. This vidio gave me great ideas on what to build next!Firstly i had no idea what to do but now I have thousands.
    From Tori

  3. Hi again this is Joe (War_Machiine),
    Luke and I have had some ideas of starting a Minecraft class in the library at lunchtimes once or twice a week. Luke (obloid), Ella (XxFa11en_Ange1xX) and I would like to teach other people who are interested in Minecraft about the game and how much fun you can have with it as we have. We would be teaching other students how Minecraft works and how to make Redstone contraptions etc. and we would also teach them how to have fun with Minecraft to the best of their ability. The course (if you can call it that) would run for ten weeks and would have about 10-15 sessions. It’s just an idea but it would be a lot of fun for me, Luke, Ella and the learners.
    Bye for now,
    Joe (War_Machiine)

  4. Congratulations Joe and Luke on your amazing efforts to work as a team to build the dome of the State Library using Minecraft. I am very impressed with your dedication, team work and enthusiasm.

    You have sparked such great interest in our school about Minecraft and I am sure that lots of students would love to hear about your experiences and possibly see some examples of your design work.

    Do you have any ideas how you can share your experiences with the students at school?

    Do you have some ideas how other students who are interested in Minecraft and 3D worlds can share their ideas and knowledge?

    I’m looking forward to you both continuing to share share your achievements and experiences.

    Keep up your enthusiasm and keep designing and exploring.

    Congratulations to you both!
    Mrs Grasso 🙂

  5. Minecrafting the Dome
    Hello everyone our names are Joe and Luke or War_Machiine and obloid (Our Minecraft usernames),
    Recently over the past two weekends we attended a Minecraft course at the State Library of Victoria. In the course we attempted to re-create the State Library’s dome. We somewhat succeeded in this task but we still have not completed it and may be working on it over the internet on a Minecraft server.
    At this course we met may others who were as passionate as us about Minecraft. Working together as a team usually worked out well but there were several problems involving TNT, tree saplings, cows and villagers and most of all, the internet which involved crazy frog, gummi bear and many other things on YouTube.
    The model of the dome ended up being on a four to one scale which means one cubic meter in real life equalled a 4x4x4 cube in Minecraft this allowed us to put in more detail but at the same time made the project a whole lot harder… now I wonder who decided on it, oh that’s right it was Hamish the guy who ran the course.
    This course followed up a course we did in the holidays on July 8th and 9th where there were a lot more people but at this course we only knew one guy called Mitch because most of the people at the other people were under age. At this other we worked on crazy destruction and making our own Minecraft textures and defending from waves of monsters.
    We were constantly being spied on by Callan (the guy who ran the course) who was taking screenshots of the project roughly every 10 seconds. Along with this he was also taking pictures in real life of the room we were working in (There were several pictures of Luke with swimming goggles on and us and another kid called Lucas with McDonalds bags and plastic bags on our heads.)
    We really enjoyed this course and we will be going to another course (not a Minecraft one) in the holidays.
    Hope to see you soon,
    Joe and Luke (War_Machiine and obloid) + the building crew

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