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Hello Everyone,

Here are some activities and resources that Signora and I have collected that might be useful in your learning of Italian language, culture, icons, artists, food that make the Italian people, country and culture so popular around the world.

Signora has an Italian myclasses page which you can go to here:

You can find FREE clipart, animated clipart etc from Microsoft Clipart Online –

You can search for famous Italians from this site:  Kids Net

Here is another good site for finding information about Famous Italians:

All About Italy:

Information about Pope Francis

Ancient Rome in 3D – Google Earth – Check Out This Amazing Video

All About Italian FOOD (Delizioso) Year 5 & 6


Buon Appetito !!

Task: Design an Italian Menu:

Questions to Think About:

1. What type of Menu are  you designing? eg: Kids Menu, Pizza Menu, Pasta Menu etc

2. How can you design your menu? Vertically? Horizontally?

3. What headings will you have on  your menu?

4. What are Italian words will you need on your menu?

eg: Antipasti, Carne, Pizza, Pasta, Dolci, Caffe, Zuppa, Gelati, Panini

Website Links To Help You Out:


1. You can download this menu template to help with your menu

2. Here is a HUGE list of famous Italian Food

3. Here are a sample of Kids Menus for Italian Restaurants’-menus.html

4. Here is a sample of an Italian Menu created using Microsoft Word  

5. Checkout Brunetti Website

6. Sample Italian Menus

7. Looking for Italian pictures to use? Go to Mrs Grasso’s ‘Free Clipart Online link on this blog to checkout lots of free sites to help you!!

8. Checkout ‘La Porchetta‘ menu online

9.  Checkout ‘Grossi Florentino‘ Melbourne Menu – Melbourne’s most famous Italian Restaurant

 10. Little Italy in Melbourne – Lygon Street: 

11. Museo Italiano – All Things Italian- Our Own Mini Museum – Plus Checkout some famous faces in one of the photos who visited the Museo Italiano 🙂

 12. Colombo’s Restaurant Menu



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