Free Clipart Online

Welcome to the ‘Free Clipart Online’ Page
Students and teachers, we should remember that anything we find on the Internet is NOT free for us to take and use.

Many students and teachers look for clipart and photos, animated clipart etc online.

Have a look at these great sites which allow their clipart etc to be used for educational purposes.

***December 2014 Update***

Are you looking for Clipart online for Microsoft Office? As of December 2014 when using Office 2013, you will need to be connected to the Internet to search for “online pictures”.

Here are a couple of videos to show you.

1. Microsoft Clipart Online no longer exists-
You may find that if you or your students search for ‘clipart online’ when using Microsoft Office products, especially Microsoft Office 2013, you will be redirected to ‘Bing’. This leads educators to new terminology for students and educators alike.
Do you know of any other great free clipart sites? Please let me  know so I can add them to the list
Mrs Grasso 🙂