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Students at our school are  introduced to email in Year 2 with a Class email address,


In Year 3 as they have their own school email address.

I know that Year 3 students are  VERY excited to finally see what their email address is!

What is em@il?
Have a look at this video from ‘Brain Pop Jr

Here are two documents students will be referring to when sending and replying to emails at our school.

1. sending email Poster

2. email reminders Poster

Introduction to Em@il – Student Tasks:

1.  Year 2 – teacher creates email signature

2. Year 3 – 6 students create an email signature
Go to: MyMail – ‘Set Options – Personal Information’ 

2. Compose a letter to themselves asking themselves a question.  Students are to use the genre of ‘letter writing’ to complete this section.

This email is a very simple one :)
Hello Mrs Grasso
What is for dinner tonight?
Please reply
From Mrs Grasso

3. The students use their own email address to email themselves ensuring they correctly typed their email address in the TO field.

4. It is important to fill in the ‘Subject’ field.

5. Students are to  explore ‘Email Etiquiette’ – what is appropriate and not appropriate to say/type in an email!
Here is a responsible-email-use overview  from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano on her ‘Langwitches Blog

6. Students are to compose 3 emails to different students in their class asking a question to encourage a reply!
Students will learn how to correctly reply to an email as well!!!

7. To complete this unit of work about ’em@il’ students will also email a family member  sharing their new skills in emailing and sharing their new learning!!


I will be thoughtful and polite when I write emails.
I will use correct spelling of words and names when sending and replying to emails
I will not, at any time, reveal any of my personal information.
I will never share my friends’ or family’s full names, birthdays, school names, addresses and phone numbers online or via email.
I will speak to a teacher if I see something on the computer screen/device that makes me upset, I know is inappropriate or if I need help.
I will speak to a teacher if I know someone else is upset with, or scared of, something he/she has seen on the computer screen/device, or if they have seen something I know is inappropriate.
I will think about what I post or share online.
I will not deliberately search for something rude or violent.
If I receive an email that makes me feel uncomfortable I will immediately inform my teacher.
I will not publish a picture or send a picture of myself without first checking with my teacher.
I will use email as directed by the teacher.

Here is an email rubric students will complete at the end of the unit

Email rubric Sample

What is important to remember when sending /replying to an email?
Do you know what email means?
Why was email invented and by whom?

Look forward to your replies

Cheers Mrs Grasso 🙂

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