In all sessions starting from the beginning of the academic year, as well as revisiting on a term basis;  students are strongly encouraged to be positive citizens while using the Internet.

Students work through a variety of Cybersafety activities to increase their knowledge and understanding of Internet safety.

These are some of the areas that students explore:

  • Internet Safety
  • Search Engines for Primary Students
  • Cybersafety – Digital Footprint, Digital Reputation
  • Copyright /Digital Literacy/Plagiarism 
  • Cyberbullying

  • Privacy and Security

  • eM@il etiquete 


I have also developed a sequential program for students to develop their skills beginning in Prep (Foundation/Kindergarten Level) using a variety of resources from ACMA, eSafety Australia , Common Sense Media and Net Smarts Kids

Here is a link to useful resources for teachers using ‘Hector’s World’ – 

Prep/Foundation : My Online Community

MyOnlineNeighborhood (Common Sense Media)

 Zippep’s Astro Circus – great home activity!! (eSafety Australia)

Using Internet Safely – Video:

Discussion prompt for younger students.

Internet Safety For Year 1 & Year 2


Hector’s World™ is a valuable educational resource for use in the classroom. Its cybersafety messages are relevant to primary school age groups, particularly 5 – 7 year olds.

Meet Hector’s Friends (link to PDF character flashcards) (eSafety Australia)

Hector’s World Stories

Story 1 – Details Details

Story 2: Welcome To The Carnival

Story 3: It’s A Serious Game

Story 4: The Info Gang

Story 5: Heroes

Internet Safety Year 2

** NEW**
2. Internet Safety – Cyberbullying ( scroll down towards end of page)


3. Surf Swell Island: From Disney  

4.  Hector’s World Puzzles

5. Hector’s World Songs sing a long

5. Garfield – Cybersafety



 Having your own personal username and password is a privilege and you need to use it respectfully and carefully at school and at home.
How much do you know about Internet Safety and passwords? Click on the link below and create a ‘Budd:e” character along the way.


What is the Internet?
Explore these activities to find out more:

**NEW** Online Module:  “Social Media for Primary School Students”

You can have lots of fun on the internet: Cybersmart has activities, animations, a quiz and facts about being cybersmart and cybersafe online.



Internet Safety – Year 5 & 6

1.  eSmart Quiz : Year 5

Year 5: eSmart Quiz: 



The eSmart Digital Licence is an online challenge which uses quizzes, videos and games to prepare Australian children (aged ten and over) to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens.

The Digital Licence consists of eight learning modules which evaluate comprehension of key technology and cybersafety topics and equip children with the knowledge and skills they require to learn, play and socialise online. Each module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

In addition to teaching core digital skills, the Digital Licence will promote conversations about online safety between young people and their parents, carers and teachers.

3. Digital Footprints

Your digital footprint, it is a mark left of every website, blog, comment, SMS chat you have used.
Make your digital footprint a POSITIVE ONE!!

THINK… before you post,comment, chat, download, sign in…



A: Cybersmart Access – ACMA Australia


NOTE: Parents: please go to ‘Parents’ page to find out more about previous Cybersafety parent information nights.


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