Technologies That Have Changed Our World

Hello Year 5 & 6 Students,

This term in ICT we will be exploring some technologies that have changed our world.

Have a think about the technologies that you use, your parents use and what technologies your grandparents use or may have used.

Top 5 Technologies.

1. Choose a ‘word cloud’ website – write in the word cloud as many technologies that you can think of that have changed the world

2. Create a word cloud.

3. Download or copy the word cloud and save it as an image. Paste it into ‘Google Draw’

4. Using Google Docs, begin to think about 5 questions you could ask your self, your parents,  your teachers, an older relative about ‘Technologies That Have Changed Our World’

5. You will need to interview 5 different people (at least)

6. Using ‘Google Forms’ have a go at creating a Google Form questionnaire to collect your data

7. After you have collected your results you are to write a half page summary of the responses.

8. Using ‘Google Presentation’ create a slideshow about these ‘Top 5’ Technologies that have changed the world according to the results YOU have collected.

9. You will be presenting these to Mrs Grasso in Week 7 & 8

Happy researching,

I look forward to seeing what are the Technologies that have changed our world according to your data!!


Mrs Grasso 🙂