Winter Holidays in Melbourne



Hello Everyone and welcome back to Term 3.

Here in Melbourne, Australia we have returned  this week to begin another term of school after having a two week ‘winter break‘. It has been cold and wet most days, not much sunshine, lots of windy, foggy days.

This is a photo Mrs Grasso took while in the city of Melbourne. Can you see a famous Melbourne sports ground?

Many people in Melbourne travel to warmer parts of Australia to escape the cold and wet.  While other families travel to where it is much colder to enjoy
cold weather activities.

Mrs Grasso loves winter and these holidays enjoyed staying home with her daughters. We played board games, watched movies, went to the State Library Victoria to learn about ‘Minecraft’ and spent special time with friends, cousins, family and cooking home made pizza and pasta with grandparents YUM!

Mrs Grasso is fascinated by clouds –  their formation, colour, height and is so grateful that a huge delivery of water has arrived to help Mrs Grasso’s  garden and vegetable patch. It is fascinating that here in Melbourne it is so cold and wet, yet in other parts of Australia and the world, many children and families are enjoying warm sunny days.  How amazing is this world we live in!  A world of huge contrasts.

Mrs Grasso also spent time learning more about ‘blogging’, reading blogs from other schools and teachers, working out how different things to Mrs Grasso’s  blog page, and finding out through different blogs, what other students and teachers like to do during their holidays compared to what people in Australia like to do in their holidays.

During your winter holidays, do you like to travel to warmer or colder places?

What sorts of activities do you/your family like to do when it is cold and wet outside?


Happy Term 3 Everyone!

Mrs Grasso :)