Year 5 & 6 **QR Codes**

QR Codes,

Do you know what they are? Do you know what they are used for? Where have you seen QR codes? Where could you see them?
In ICT students will be exploring lots of QR codes, how to use them and also how to create them.

Students will:
1. Create a new Google doc in GAFE  in your ‘Other’ Folder go to ‘ICT’ then add a  ‘NEW’ Google Doc. The title is ‘QR Codes’

2. In this Google Doc, add your own definition or current knowledge documenting your current knowledge of QR codes.

2. Find a definition of QR codes – what does QR mean?
3. Explore these websites to attempt to ‘create’ their own QR codes



4. Locate some websites based on your Inquiry Unit and attempt to make these websites into a QR code
5. Save a copy of the created QR code in camera roll
6. Open this QR code picture in another app eg: Explain Everything / Pic Collage  etc
7.  Design 3 or 4 QUESTIONS about information that is found in your QR code link
8. Print out these QR codes and  QUESTIONS,  (print these to the staffroom printer) these will be displayed around the room
9 In our next lesson you are to: Use a QR reader to read the different QR codes that are displayed
10: answer the questions in a Google Doc listing the name of the person who designed the QR code.



1. Just for fun, create grid of 6 squares using either Google Docs or Google Sheets,

2. Search for 9 websites that are your favourite, eg: sports team, food, places in the world, cars, hobbies, computer games etc

3. Create a QR code for each of these 6 different areas

4. Save them to your camera roll or download the QR codes

5.  Name your file ‘ALL ABOUT ME’

6. Insert each of the 6 QR Codes into the grid

7. Print it out  or ask a friend to come and ‘scan’ the different QR codes in your grid to find out some of your interests, hobbies etc.

Have fun!!