Minecraft Designers

Hi Everyone,

At our school there is loads of discussions regarding ‘Minecraft’ Students LOVE using it and are wanting to explore more at school. Some students have suggested we set up a ‘Minecraft Club’, run a server at school, have sessions at lunchtime. So much buzz about Minecraft.

Mrs Grasso would also like to learn more about it so during the Easter holidays while Mrs Grasso was on holidays at a conference in Sydney, Mrs Grasso went to ‘PowerHouse Museum’. Wow what a feast for Mincrafters!!  If you have ever visited Sydney and have been to the Power House Museum you will know what an amazing place it is. Here is a sneak peak. ‘ Game Masters’


Mrs Grasso was lucky to take her family to the  ‘Game Crafters exhibition at the Power House. WOW what a place to see how gaming technology has changed over the years.

There was a special area for all things ‘MINECRAFT’ can you guess which part of this exhibition had boys and girls queueing up ? Have a look!!

Mrs Grasso will continue discussions with students and parents and teachers about the possibility of exploring ‘Minecraft’ at school. We will see!  For now I hope you enjoy these photos of the Power House Museum.

Bye for now

Mrs Grasso