Yr 6 Tasks

Hi Year 6 Students,
This term the focus will be on:

1: Increasing your keyboard speed and accuracy by completing weekly challenges using a variety of websites

At the beginning of each lesson students are to:

A: Complete a ‘warmup’ of keyboard skills using:
Keyboard Climber‘ website: http://www.tvokids.com/games/keyboardclimber

B: Complete  2 x 30 second challenges using:
Keyboard Gamehttp://www.bigbrownbear.co.uk/keyboard/index.htm

C: Complete 2 x 60 second challenges using:
10 Fast Fingers:  http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english 

Students are to record their weekly scores in their GAFE ‘Spreadsheet’ to gauge improvement

2: Developing skill in design and creativity using the program ‘Sketch Up’

Students are exploring the different tools using ‘SketchUp’ 3D Design.

Students are to:

1. Watch a variety of tutorials on Mrs Grasso’s Blog under ‘SketchUp’ Page: http://mrsgrasso.global2.vic.edu.au/sketch-up/

2. Locate the program on student computers ‘SketchUp’ and attempt to create a 3D structure, design, location.

3.  Gain skill and expertise in the use of the ‘orbit, push/pull, components tools and represent these in your design

4. Download some items from 3D Warehouse and import them into your design https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/

5. Create a ‘video tour’ of your design (instructions on Mrs Grasso’s Blog – SketchUp Page)

6. Take a series of photos on your iPad showing different angles of your 3D design both interior and exterior and put these into a ‘folder’ on your photo camera roll

7. Create an ‘iMovie’ using those photos of your design

8. You may like to take some photos of any designs of other student work (with their permission) to add to your iMovie

9. Add a final slide outlining your reflection of learning

10. Save this in your Google Drive folder under ‘Other’

Mrs Grasso looks forward to exploring the different designs that students have created!!

Mrs Grasso 🙂