ICT Lessons Week 5

Hi Everyone,

ICT lessons this week are slightly shorter due to the public holiday today for Melbourne Cup. I hope everyone has enjoyed an extra long weekend and are ready and keen for more cool ICT tools to explore!!


1. YEAR 4

A: Comment On Learning Code:
Commenting Template for Blog Comment Public
Year 4 students, today you are to share your thoughts about learning ‘Code’.

**go to this blog post,


** click on ‘add comment’.


**Think carefully, (respectfully and responsibly) about what you have explored, learnt, created and observed so far this term using ‘Code.org’.

**Any feedback you would like to share with me about coding would be great, (warm or cool or suggestions for the future)


B: Computer Art:


After you have completed your ‘comment’ you will be exploring some ‘computer art’ websites. Go to this website to have a look: http://mrsgrasso.global2.vic.edu.au/computer-art

Over the next few weeks Year 4 students will be creating unique computer art using ‘Google Draw’ and ‘Computer Art’ websites.

sumopaint.jpg|resizedJason Pollock Art

2. FOUNDATION / PREP – Computer Art: Microsoft Word

christmas Tree

Students will be exploring how to ‘draw’ and create computer art using ‘Microsoft Word’ 




3. YEAR 1- Digital Photos (iPads & laptops & iMacs)


Year 1 students will explore the app iPhoto to explore how to take respectful and responsible photos using an iPad or a laptop.

Students will then explore the ‘editing’ tools within that device to enhance the photos taken.

Looking forward to another great week,

Cheerio Mrs Grasso Picasso Head1