Week 9 & 10: ICT Lessons

Hello Wonderful Students:

This is a quick overview of what we will be covering in ICT this week:

Year 3:

1. You will have time to complete your ‘Budd:e’

2. You need to check your INBOX (email) that you have replied to any emails from your email buddy and you have sent an email to someone in the other Year 3 class.

3. If you have finished all your email work, please show Mrs Grasso

4. You are now to explore the ‘Pivot’ Page on Mrs Grasso’s Blog.

Then you are to explore the new features in ‘Pivot Animator’ which is on the new Windows 8 Laptops.


Year 2:

1. You will be exploring a new program: ‘Pivot Animator’ learning about animation (moving pictures)
You will explore the ‘Pivot’ page on Mrs Grasso’s blog
http://mrsgrasso.global2.vic.edu.au/pivot-animator/ to learn about this great program then you will have some time to explore. Have a go trying to find ‘Pivot’ on the Windows 8 laptops.

2. You may also explore:  ANIMATE: AbcYa


Year 5 & 6:

1. Please ensure your ‘Cybersafe avatar and description’ is saved to your camera roll, printed and shown to Mrs Grasso.
2. **Year 6 only** You will have time to continue working through your ‘Digital Licence’ https://www.digitallicence.com.au/home
3.  ‘Coding Time’ – you are now able to choose a computer coding website or app of your choice!
You will create a simple animation to share with the class later this term. 

Here are some choices:
* Hopscotch -App
Some tutorials here for Hopscotch:

Here is a video tutorial about Hopscotch:

* Scratch – online:  https://scratch.mit.edu/
* LightBot – online: (NEW) http://www.abcya.com/lightbot.htm
*Code.org – Lots of Coding programs to check out http://studio.code.org/

Others? Let Mrs Grasso know to add to this list. 🙂



Students in Prep will continue to revise how to log onto the Windows 8 laptops and how to log onto the Internet ( Blue e)
Students will explore Starfall all the wonderful activities on the ‘home screen’

Students will be introduced to the program Microsoft Word ( Blue W )
How to find it on the laptops, how to insert their name. They will also be introduced to the dancing A ( WordArt) over the next few weeks.

Microsoft Word ( Blue W )


Year 1:

Year 1 students will continue to explore Microsoft PowerPoint to create their slideshow ‘Keeping Healthy’



Year 4:

1. Please complete your ‘Cybersafe Avatars and description’ using Google Draw and  ensure it is added to your Google Drive.

2. You are now to explore Mrs Grasso’s ‘Scratch‘ page http://mrsgrasso.global2.vic.edu.au/scratch/

3. Now go to ‘Scratch‘ page to have a go creating your own ‘Sprite’ animation following the step by step instructions on the right hand side of the page called ‘Get Started With Scratch’: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=getStarted


Have a fantastic week, see you in ICT

Mrs Grasso 🙂