Week 9

Hi Wonderful Students;

Here are some activities to go on with in ICT this week.

Year 4:

Continue with CREATING COMPUTER ART go to  “Computer Art‘ websites on Mrs Grasso’s blog.

Choose some websites to explore and create some unique computer art. 

Take a screen shot and upload it to your ICT folder in Google Drive.

Year 4 students may also choose to work on ‘Scratch‘ coding or Hour of Code activities


Year 1:

Students have a choice 

1. Continue with Hour of Code

2. Christmas websites

3. ABC Ya

4. Pivot Stickfigure ( on windows laptops)

5. City Creator



Students can choose from:

1. City Creator

2. ABC Ya

3.  Starfall 

4. Colour With Leo


Have a wonderful week,


Mrs Grasso 🙂