What Are Blogs?

Blogs are websites where an administrator  can add posts

For each of these posts, visitors are able to leave a ‘comment’ related to that post.

Posts are usually approved by the blog administrator before being added to the blog.

Check out this site: Blogs by BrainPOP

Here are some new words to know about blogging:


1. Check out these class blogs listed below
2. Listen, watch, explore
3. Start exploring these sites below!!


  • 1. Go to Mrs Grasso’s ICT Blog
  • 2. Choose a ‘Post’ that you would like to ‘comment’ on, click on the title of that ‘Post’
  • 3. Read the post, again, now open up a blank Microsoft Word document (or collect a paper copy from Mrs Grasso similar to the one below)
  • 4. Draft your ‘reply’ to the ‘post’ based on the genre of
    Letter Writing :
    positive statement or paragraph based on blog post,
    question to encourage a reply, closing statement
  • 5. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • 6. End your comment with a positive statement and REMEMBER to ONLY use your first name.
  • 7. SAVE your draft comment in your ICT folder (or ask a friend or teacher to check your paper copy draft before completing this online)
Commenting Template for Blog Comment Public


1. Open your Microsoft Word draft ‘comment
2. Highlight over it and click ‘Control C‘ to copy it
3. Go to Mrs Grasso’s ICT Blog and find the ‘Post’ you wanted to reply to
4. click on the title of the ‘Post’ and scroll down to the end of the page where it says ‘ LEAVE A REPLY
5. Next type your  name where it says ‘name’
6. you can add your first name or a nickname or your initials but NOT your surname
7. Next it asks for your email address : (This will NOT be published on the blog) add your school email address
8. Now you can click in the empty box and click ‘Control V’ to paste your comment 
9. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK – spelling, grammar, sentence structure etc.
9. Now you will need to type the ‘anti spam’ word you see
10. Finally click ‘Submit Comment’
11. Your comment will be sent via email to Mrs Grasso (or the blog administrator if you are commenting on another blog)
12. It will be checked and if approved, your comment will then appear under on the page of that ‘post’ you commented on 🙂
 HOW TO ADD COMMENTS TO A BLOG for uploading to blog



Tips for Student Bloggers Poster by Kathleen Morris

Many thanks to Kathleen Morris from Leopold Primary for assistance in creating these blogging guidelines

 Happy, Safe and Responsible Blogging :)

Read 14 comments

  1. Dear Ms Grasso,
    I believe that Melbourne is a great place to live in because we are a happy country and we are not forced to go into war and fight unlike other countries. We also have great architecture like the national gallery which grade 4 just visited on an excursion. My favourite piece of art would be the weeping woman because the expressions told a story.

    From timecheck369

  2. Wednesday 31st July
    Hi Mrs Grasso I loved looking at your billy carts page I especially liked the racing I was so close from completing the stadium.
    And I can’t wait to start building the billy carts it is going to be awesome.
    And plus I have the best name by far it pounds the title.
    From Peaches

  3. Dear Mrs Grasso,
    I have always thought about blogging but have never got time to actually create or explore a blog. I now understand more about blogging by watching your videos and reading your blog.
    I prefer hotter and warmer climates as I love swimming and meeting new people!
    Do you prefer warmer or colder climates?
    Keep up with the great blog! I hope to hear your reply
    From E.S

    • Hi E. S.
      Thanks for your comment. I am glad the videos help to explain what blogging is all about!
      I am learning lots as well!!

      I prefer warmer climates, but I just love Autumn and Spring the best, it is not too hot or too cold, just perfect for me!
      Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to adding lots of great things to explore over the next few weeks.
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso 🙂

  4. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I enjoy reading your blog on what you did on the holidays it sounds like you had a lot of fun playing with your girls.
    During the holidays I travelled to a mild weather place where some days were cold and some were hot, that place I went to I played a lot of golf I am really good at golf. As well as golf I went swimming played tennis had a massage and watch movies
    Looking forward to you next blog talk soon.
    Bye from AL

    • Hi AB,
      Thanks for our comment on my blog, yes I did enjoy my holidays with my girls, just relaxing at home together is always an adventure in my family!

      Wow sounds like you had an amazing holiday! How exciting to play golf, my daughters love golf as well! How lucky to also go swimming, play tennis and even have a massage, a truly action packed holiday.
      Watching movies is great on the holidays!
      Thanks so much for sharing about your holidays.
      Have a great day and will add a new post soon!
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso 🙂

  5. Hello Mrs Grasso ,
    I hope you had a good holiday.
    Yes I did find the MCG the famous sports ground.
    Personally I prefer the cold because I have relatives in the Highlands of Scotland and have grown to love the cold.
    I agree with you fully I am constantly amazed by the world that we live in!
    I had a wonderful holiday traveling the coast of South Australia, camping near Adelaide and visiting the site of the ‘’BLOCK’’,[waking up at 5 am is not fun].
    We arrived when it was still dark and after hours in line we saw the rooms and met some of the people from the block.
    Bye for now, Xela

    • Hi Xela,
      That is a very interesting name 🙂
      Spot on, it was the MCG that I took a photo of.
      How lucky are you to have family in Scotland, that is one country I have not visited yet but I hope to go there one day soon!
      Wow how exciting to be able to go to see ‘The Block’, however I am not sure if I could wake up that early!! Well done for your efforts to be up so early!!
      Which was your favourite apartment? I didn’t watch the series this time but I did watch it last time as my daughter is very interested in decorating, she wants to redecorate her bedroom and watched some of the Block to get ideas!!
      Have a great day
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso 🙂

  6. Hello Mrs Grasso
    I liked your post about winter it was very informative and that photo captured the MCG.
    During the winter holidays I like to go to the snow which is a cold place because I love to ski.
    When it is cold and wet outside my family and I like to go to the movies because it is warm and dry in the cinema.
    How do you spend your winter holidays?
    I hope your next post is as interesting as the last.
    From Issie

  7. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I love winter holidays because it gives me a good excuse to play computer games (Especially Minecraft) – which I love doing.
    I did find the MCG in the picture but I have never been to the snow which I would love to do next winter. My family likes to watch TV and do indoor stuff like playing computer games (Me) and playing board game and with toys (Everyone). I can’t wait to look at you next post!
    Bye for now,

    • Hello War_Machine,

      That is a great name, that would be a great name for an online avatar character 🙂
      Minecraft is VERY popular at the moment. I am hoping some students will write a ‘guest post’ in the next few weeks about their experiences using Minecraft. What do you enjoy the most about Minecraft?
      Why do you think it is so popular?

      You are correct it was a picture of MCG in our wonderful city of Melbourne! It was such a cold day yet the MCG stood out amongst the dark, grey clouds!
      Your family likes to do similar things to my family, as my daughters love staying home on cold days to go ‘Mining’ with their cousins!!
      Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a wonderful day!!
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso 🙂

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