Billy Carts

Howdy Students, Parents and Teachers;

This year at school, students will be given the opportunity to design, build and quite possibly race billy carts!
What an exciting Term it will be for Students in Year  3 & 4!!

Some introductory questions for you:

1. What is a billy cart?

2. How and where can you find out about billy carts?

3. What could be used to build a billy cart?

4. Have you ever built something then actually used it?

 Check out these Billy Cart games to get  your ideas flowing….

1. Build and Race a Billy Cart based on the ‘My Place’ series- click here 

2. Play this game – first build your billy car then you can race it! Click here

History of Billy Carts in Australia….

Check out this Historical information from Powerhouse Museum Sydney about Billy Carts

Check out these step by step instructions for ideas…

3. How to build a Billy Cart – check out these step by step instructions from  Bunnings: Box_billycart

4. Check out this video from Bunnings – How to Build A Billy Cart!

5. Check out this instruction page from ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ How to Build A Billy Cart

Check out these blog recounts and videos from students who have designed, built and raced billy carts….

6. students from Leopold Primary Year 4 billy cart unit of work

7. St Kilda Primary School Billy Cart Day

Do you have any questions you could ask students from Leopold Primary or St Kilda Primary School?

Mrs Grasso, Mr Price and the Middle School Teachers look forward to an exciting time designing, planning, preparing, documenting, recording, building and test driving billy carts in Semester 2. 🙂

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  1. Hello Mrs Grasso,
    I really enjoyed your billy cart
    Page it is awesome . I like all of your videos.
    Can you please put a more videos on it.
    Other than that I thought it was awesome!
    From Arzzoo 

  2. Hi Mrs Grasso I really like the information you put up about billycarts.
    I think it is interesting. I can’t wait until we build our billy cart
    I had a billy cart when I was small It was lots of fun
    From cute dog

  3. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I can’t wait till we build and race our billycarts. I really liked all the billycart games and videos you put on the blog.

    The blog is really interesting

    From SS

  4. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I am really excited to construct and ride our billycarts and seeing others making and competing really makes me more excited can’t wait. Also the games you put up on your blog are really fun keep up the good work!
    From Mr Choclate123

  5. Hello Year 3 and 4 Students, Teachers and Parents,
    Thanks to everyone who has visited my ‘Billy Carts’ Page, it is wonderful to receive so many positive comments about my page and activities.
    I hope it has given you all a good introduction to the exciting times ahead!
    Have a wonderful day
    From Mrs Grasso 🙂

  6. Hi Miss Grasso
    I am really interested in Your Billy cart page I just can’t wait till we can get started on making them.

    I already have a good name for it Billy cart 2000.

    Your Blog is really interesting.
    Tiger King

  7. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    The billy cart games are really fun but it would be good if you got to paint it by yourself.

    I am going to go onto this web-site in all my spare time at home!

    Thank you for putting a billy carts post on.

    From Seb

  8. Dear Mrs Grasso,

    I really like all the billy cart YouTube videos you have put up on your blog.
    I am wondering if you could put a YouTube video about decorating a billy cart.
    From AG

  9. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I have really enjoyed exploring your blog.
    I especially love the ‘scratch’ page and the ‘billy carts’ page.
    I have downloaded scratch at home, and after seeing the ‘voki’ pieces you created I am going to consider downloading it as well.
    I hope you enjoyed your holidays,
    From Sophia

    • Hi Sophia,
      Thanks very much for your positive comment on my blog!
      That is fantastic that you have explored ‘Scratch’. It is a great program with so many exciting parts to it.
      The ‘Voki’s are fun, I have just learnt about them last weekend!
      Remember to ask permission from your parents as you need to sign up to ‘Voki’ please double check it is ok with them!!
      I had a great winter holiday, thanks for asking, it was so nice to be home with my daughters and relaxing!
      I hope you had a great holiday!
      Bye for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  10. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I am looking forward to making a billycart.
    It will be really fun working in a team and I am really excited.
    Thanks for all the information on billycarts.
    Is it easy to steer a billycart?
    From PuppyLover

  11. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I was on the billy cart page, I was playing the game.
    Thanks for putting it up.
    I LOVED it! Although I wasn’t very good.
    On the games it taught me how to dodge the objects.
    Thanks again,
    From Snowy

    • Hi Snowy,
      Thanks for exploring my ‘Billy Carts’ page, I thought it would be a great way to start learning about Billy Carts before you actually have to start designing them.
      It is going to be exciting times ahead watching how everyone designs their Billy Carts.
      Have a great day
      From Mrs Grasso

  12. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I have never built a billy cart before but I am really looking forward to it.
    I really like playing the games and watching videos on your billy cart blog.
    This blog is so cool!
    Thanks for the information.

  13. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I watched the Billy Cart video. I really enjoyed watching it.
    I also played some games about the Billy Carts. They were really good.
    I can’t wait to make the Billy Carts with my group and with everyone else!

  14. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I have never seen or been in a billy cart before so I’m really excited to be able to build and race a billy cart!
    In really enjoyed watching all the videos and looking at the photos.
    Thank you for all the interesting information.
    From soopha!

  15. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I cannot wait until we start to build our billy carts. I have thought of a name for our car that I think is pretty cool. I would call it the JAG.U.AR. I thought that it is a pretty cool name. I cannot wait until we start designing. I think it will be WESOME!!!!!!

  16. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I am looking forward to making billy carts. Designing building and working in a team!
    I really liked reading about billy carts and enjoyed the games.
    Can’t wait for more
    Ruby M

  17. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I like your billy cart page. They look fun to make and race in; I can’t wait to make one! I wonder how fast my groups billy cart will go, I really want to race in it.
    I liked some of your games you put on the page they were really intriguing.
    My Mot

    • Hello My Mot,
      Thanks for your comment and am so happy you are enjoying exploring all things ‘Billy Carts’ on my blog page. The games are great I enjoy playing them as well!

      Great wondering about how fast your Billy Cart will go, I wonder how you could record it? A great question to chat about with your group.
      I too hope that everyone gets to race their Billy Carts, how wonderful that would be just like the students in the video!
      Enjoy your day
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  18. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I can’t wait to make a billy cart. It will be great fun. I hope I’m in a good group. I have never made a billy cart before, but my granddad does lots of stuff with wood. I know what I want to call my billy cart…… McQueen!
    Thanks for listening,
    Bob Banana

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