Billy Carts

Howdy Students, Parents and Teachers;

This year at school, students will be given the opportunity to design, build and quite possibly race billy carts!
What an exciting Term it will be for Students in Year  3 & 4!!

Some introductory questions for you:

1. What is a billy cart?

2. How and where can you find out about billy carts?

3. What could be used to build a billy cart?

4. Have you ever built something then actually used it?

 Check out these Billy Cart games to get  your ideas flowing….

1. Build and Race a Billy Cart based on the ‘My Place’ series- click here 

2. Play this game – first build your billy car then you can race it! Click here

History of Billy Carts in Australia….

Check out this Historical information from Powerhouse Museum Sydney about Billy Carts

Check out these step by step instructions for ideas…

3. How to build a Billy Cart – check out these step by step instructions from  Bunnings: Box_billycart

4. Check out this video from Bunnings – How to Build A Billy Cart!

5. Check out this instruction page from ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ How to Build A Billy Cart

Check out these blog recounts and videos from students who have designed, built and raced billy carts….

6. students from Leopold Primary Year 4 billy cart unit of work

7. St Kilda Primary School Billy Cart Day

Do you have any questions you could ask students from Leopold Primary or St Kilda Primary School?

Mrs Grasso, Mr Price and the Middle School Teachers look forward to an exciting time designing, planning, preparing, documenting, recording, building and test driving billy carts in Semester 2. 🙂

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  1. Dear Mrs Grasso
    I extremely liked your billy cart page. Because you put games, info and videos .you explain things easily but so I could understand. The video looked like fun I can’t wait to do our billy carts.
    From Jacs

  2. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I like your page about billy carts and how you put a picture of it on the page so that people know how they look . I think it`s very good. I don`t think anything should be changed.

    From T.H

  3. Dear Mrs Grasso,

    I love your billy cart page. It is amazing.

    I think the videos on it and how St Kilda’s billy carts turned out to be amazing. The race was fun.

    I don’t get how we are going to make it and how because there are no instructions and what we will need to make a billy cart.

    I’m worried that my billy cart is going to break.
    From Georgie W

  4. Hi, Mrs Grasso
    I really like all of the games on the I.C.T billy carts blog it’s all really fun

    I am also really excited about building the billy carts and I can’t wait and so fun!!!!!

    And I bet this term is going to be awesome and I want my team to be called the BEASTS
    And thank you for the amazing blog and all the work that you have done for us and this is so exiting I can’t wait

    From BDog797

  5. Dear, Mrs Grasso
    I really enjoyed everything on the billy carts but I especially liked all the games.
    I’m really looking forward to building a billy cart in a team. (And it’s going to be amazing!!!!)
    I have a really good name for our billy cart, so if the team is all boys I’m thinking of team flare or if we’ve got some girls in our team I’m thinking of team beauty.
    Thanks for the amazing in formation and incredible videos.
    From LBoyG25.
    P.S. Love your blog.

  6. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I think the video of the students racing their billy looked like so much fun, it made me want to do it right away.

    I can`t wait till we make the billy carts, it will be so much fun!

    I just am a bit sacred mine won`t work and will break.

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