Animation & Design

In my ICT classes this Semester, students from Year 1 onwards begin to explore a programs and websites to create unique ‘Animations’ and also 3D design. What an exciting term coming up in ICT!!

Animation has been around for many years, however some of you may not have realised who made the first feature film using animation. Check out here the 25 year history of animation by a famous Animation Studio in USA: Pixar

Here is an overview of different sites and programs students are able to enjoy.

Year 1 –  Introduction to Animation using Flipbooks


Year 2 – Pivot Animator
This is a free software program that can be downloaded from the Internet
Check out these amazing ‘Pivot animations’ created by students at another school. Incredible!! 

Year 3   ABC Ya – Animate

Yr 4 have been exploring ‘Scratch’   in Term 2.

This term Yr 4 students will  be exploring how to ‘advertise’ their ‘Scratch’ animation by creating a MOVIE TRAILER. Students will:

1. Explore some movie trailers

2. Draft a plan of what text and images could be used in your ‘Movie Trailer’

3. 2. Go to Mrs Grasso’s Blog to learn more about ‘Movie Making’
Also check out these amazing ‘Movie Trailers’

4.Select a program to use (eg: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Movie Maker, Photo Story) Or you could use ‘ABC Ya Animate:

5. Your movie trailer has to have no more than 15 slides, lots of colour, not too much text and wonderful images and special effects.
Go for it!!

Year 5 & 6

Students at our school in Year 5 & 6 are part of the 1 – 1 iPad program.  They are fortunate to use a variety of animation apps. Currently they are exploring ‘green screen’ technology.  Year 5 and 6 students will explore some amazing design and creativity using the software ‘Google SketchUp’. What is Google SketchUp? Check out this video called ‘Make Ideas Real’ to give some idea of 3D design.

Students will also explore some online tutorials on how to get started with Google SketchUp on this page:
They will also explore how to design and create ‘Book Trailers’. What is a book trailer? Check out this Book Trailer to find out more!!

Awesome student designed book trailers:


Happy animating!!

Mrs Grasso 🙂