Hour of Code

Hi Everyone,

Exciting times: Hour of Code NEW activities have arrived. Check out the website : https://studio.code.org/

Also check out some great activities that use coding: http://code.org/learn

Have fun 🙂

Mrs Grasso

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  1. Dear Mrs Grasso,
    I thought it was so much fun codeing , it made me feel free to do anything I wanted to. I hoped we could do more codeing in the future. I especially enjoyed the hour of code that was so much fun!! Hopscotch is one of my favourite apps to code on and I thought this was the best app to use for coding.
    From Amelia

  2. Hey Mrs Grasso,
    I really enjoyed the Hour of Code because I like making games and because this can help me makes games when I’m older. My favourite coding website was the Minecraft one because I like the building blocks and the characters expressions.I can’t wait until next year

  3. Hey Mrs. Grasso,
    I have really enjoyed using a website called code combat because it has really interesting characters and I like how it has warriors ogres and different settings.
    Another coding program that I have used a little bit is mine craft but I only blew stuff up with TNT.
    From B-Man21

  4. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I enjoy using Hopscotch because it is a great way to make games, be free and it supplies instruction videos to multiple amount of games. I also enjoy using hour of code because it makes you want play until you finish the set.
    From Ivie

  5. Hi everyone
    I have LOVED hour of code especially minecraft and hopscotch. I like this because the challengs are really difficult and it could help me for when I’m older. I Think that I have really well and can’t wait till next year.

  6. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I have really enjoyed using al the websites to do with hour of code because I feel I am really good at coding because I got the certificate in 45 minutes.
    But at home I really like using Hopscotch because I get to make whatever I like whenever I like and I can create my ideas into a cool creation.
    I love coding!
    From LBoyG25

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