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Hello Everyone,

Minecrafting the Dome Project

is a project  that will recreate a real building in the virtual world of ‘Minecraft’The State Library of Victoria, in partnership with VITTA and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, are offering the opportunity for 18 capable Minecrafters (aged 12-16) to build an exact replica of the Library’s famous dome Reading Room inside Minecraft. Participants will be creating walls, textures, and fixtures of the entire building. The finished project will be featured across a range of partner websites, and displayed at various events. This is a unique opportunity to make a piece of history in a fun and creative way!

Congratulations to our two senior students who will share their design and creation skills in the virtual world of Minecraft to help celebrate the 100 years of the ‘State Library Dome’ after being successful in their application to be part of this exciting event! 🙂

They will be our ‘guest bloggers’ in a few weeks to share their experiences, thoughts and possibly their designs with you all!

What is Minecraft? Check out this video to find out more!

Mrs Grasso would love to know your thoughts about 3D virtual world games.

1. Which 3D worlds do you like to explore?

2. What do you enjoy about those 3D worlds?

3. Are there any challenges or difficulties?

4. If you could chose any 3D world to explore at school, which one would you love to explore?  

5. What reasons can you give for exploring 3D worlds at school?

I can’t wait to read your suggestions.

Cheerio for now 🙂

Mrs Grasso


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  1. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I like Minecraft.
    The trailer got me thinking about how I could use it in a way that I can create my own world and have a go at using different computer skills.
    I like to use Google sketch up and Minecraft because they allow me to use my imagination and it is really fun making my ideas into reality.
    I am really happy we are studying Google sketch up at school.
    From Issie

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments, suggestions, feedback and ideas regarding 3D games particularly Minecraft!

    Lots of ideas for Mrs Grasso to think about and I hope to explore more 3D worlds through ICT in the future.

    Thanks once again
    Cheers Mrs Grasso 🙂

  3. Hi mrs Grasso,
    I like minecraft alot even though i do not have it. I li9ke playing multiplayer at my friends house also you can get a version on the ipad ipod (etc). Another game i like is clash of clans. Hamish george ki edward and many more are in a team. hopefully we can do another sesion of vidio game

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