Winter Holidays in Melbourne



Hello Everyone and welcome back to Term 3.

Here in Melbourne, Australia we have returned  this week to begin another term of school after having a two week ‘winter break‘. It has been cold and wet most days, not much sunshine, lots of windy, foggy days.

This is a photo Mrs Grasso took while in the city of Melbourne. Can you see a famous Melbourne sports ground?

Many people in Melbourne travel to warmer parts of Australia to escape the cold and wet.  While other families travel to where it is much colder to enjoy
cold weather activities.

Mrs Grasso loves winter and these holidays enjoyed staying home with her daughters. We played board games, watched movies, went to the State Library Victoria to learn about ‘Minecraft’ and spent special time with friends, cousins, family and cooking home made pizza and pasta with grandparents YUM!

Mrs Grasso is fascinated by clouds –  their formation, colour, height and is so grateful that a huge delivery of water has arrived to help Mrs Grasso’s  garden and vegetable patch. It is fascinating that here in Melbourne it is so cold and wet, yet in other parts of Australia and the world, many children and families are enjoying warm sunny days.  How amazing is this world we live in!  A world of huge contrasts.

Mrs Grasso also spent time learning more about ‘blogging’, reading blogs from other schools and teachers, working out how different things to Mrs Grasso’s  blog page, and finding out through different blogs, what other students and teachers like to do during their holidays compared to what people in Australia like to do in their holidays.

During your winter holidays, do you like to travel to warmer or colder places?

What sorts of activities do you/your family like to do when it is cold and wet outside?


Happy Term 3 Everyone!

Mrs Grasso :)

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  1. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I liked the post on winter and it looked really cold at the MCG
    I like warmer weather than cold weather because I don’t like all the layer of clothes I need to wear in winter.
    Thanks talk to you soon
    From RM

  2. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I like your winter post very much and I enjoy it too.
    The famous Melbourne building is call MCG
    During my winter holidays ,I would like to travel a warmer places ,like Gold Cost.
    I like to go to MCG to see the AFL when it is cold and wet outside.
    From Andy

  3. Hi Mrs Grasso
    I enjoyed your post and it was spot on I think it is very cold as well. I also think that is a great photo. I much rather it be summer because I don’t like winter as much. I like to stay warm at home. Sometimes I travel to warmer places.
    Thanks please reply

  4. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I have enjoyed reading your post, and yes I have been to a very hot country and the temperature was 49deg, I was almost started to burn. But I still don’t think I would have any fun during winter, because I think it’ was way too cold for holidays. Yes, which do means I would still rather go to a warmer place than staying in Melbourne.


  5. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    This is a very interesting post about winter holidays.
    The photo above is a very good picture of the MCG.
    My brother loves studying the clouds and weather, as well.
    When it is cold outside our family loves to tiggy.
    What do you like better, summer or winter?
    Jelly Bean

    • Hello Jelly Bean,
      That is a great nickname and thanks for your nice comment about my photo. I love taking photos of this great city Melbourne. I will have to share some more on my blog!
      I love Autumn the best, it is not too cold and not too hot and the sun is usually shining! That is a great question.
      Also there are amazing cloud formations during Autumn as well!
      Have a great day
      Mrs Grasso

      • Dear Mrs Grasso,
        Thanks for replying to my blog. I love blogging now thanks to your lessons in ICT.
        My favourite season is spring because of the AFL footy finals and it is sunny but not too hot that it courses a bush fire, and not to cold either.
        I cannot believe you spent around 2 hours replying to all the people on your blog.
        What will your next blog page be about?
        From Jelly Bean

      • Hi Jelly Bean,
        Thanks so much for your most positive comment! I love blogging too, it is such a fun and interesting way to learn, share and explore!!
        I love Spring season too for the same reasons as you, it is beautiful weather in Melbourne, perfect for a Grand Final!

        Yes I did spend about two hours replying to all the comments last week, but honestly I did not even feel like it was 2 hours, I was really enjoying hearing reading all the student comments that the time just disappeared!

        My next blog will post might be a guest post from 2 year six students who are into ‘Minecraft’. I will have to double check that they are ok with creating a guest post!
        Check back soon for more posts and news snippets.
        Thanks from Mrs Grasso 🙂

  6. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I liked your post about your winter from the holidays.
    I like to travel to warmer places so I can be able to go to the beach. When it’s cold and wet outside I usually like to stay inside keep warm and maybe practice my maths because everyone knows practice makes perfect. Thank you Mrs Grasso for letting me comment on your posts hope you have a great day and teach kids lots of things.

    • Hello B S
      Thanks very much for your comment and for visiting my blog! I too love to go to the beach with my daughters when it is warm, we love to build sand castles and look for unusual shells. Interestingly my daughters love to test each other on their maths as well when we are home and that is what they are doing right now while I am writing this reply to your comment!
      I absolutely love teaching ICT, it is so much fun for me as well and I am always learning so many new things to explore!
      Enjoy your day
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  7. Hello Mrs Grasso, It sounds like a good winter on the horizon.I noticed the MCG in your photo and it seemed very rainy and foggy.
    I really prefer winter because you can always keep putting on more layers to become warmer and going to the snow is really fun. When the weather is cold my family and I just prefer to stay warm inside by the heater.
    I also really love Minecraft and I hope you had a great holiday.

    Yours Sincerely, Luke

    • Hi Luke,
      yes you are correct in noticing the MCG in the background of my photo on a cold and foggy Melbourne day!
      I like wearing scarves in Winter, it helps me to feel bright and colourful in winter! It is a great layer to wear!
      My family like to stay inside by the heater as well and also watch movies and eat popcorn and drink warm drinks!
      Minecraft sounds great, my daughters really love it as well.
      I had a great holiday thanks for asking.
      Enjoy your day
      Bye for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  8. Dear Mrs Grasso,
    I enjoyed reading your post about the winter holidays.
    I can see the MCG in the photo you took, also during the winter holidays I like to go to places with warmer weather but if I don’t get to I play monopoly with my brothers.
    Thank you for taking time to post this, I look forward to reading your next post.
    From Amy

    • Hi Amy,
      Thanks for posting a comment to my blog, yes it is the MCG in the background. I love taking photos of our great city Melbourne! I also like playing monopoly with my daughters during the holidays or we have a huge puzzle that we work on as a family during the holidays. We have not finished our holiday puzzle yet. It has 1000 pieces. It is taking longer to do somehow!

      Keep warm it is cold outside and I hope you have a great day.
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  9. Hi Mrs Grasso!

    Thanks for your post! It was very fascinating.

    During winter holidays, I’m one of those people that like to trade the cold weather for warmer weathers. My family likes to watch movies of us when we were younger and sometimes go to the movies as a family to watch comedy.

    I’m looking forward to your next post!
    Thank again,


    • Hi ZW,
      Thanks for your positive comment about my post!
      I too like warmer weather rather than colder weather. I like that idea of watching movies from when you were younger. I will try that during the next holidays as my daughters love seeing what they were like when they were young! Thanks for that idea!!
      Comedy movies are great to watch, they make you laugh even on a cold and wet day!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso

  10. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I enjoyed reading your post about your winter holiday.
    Looking at that photo you have taken I can see the MCG.
    During my winter holidays I like to travel to colder places like the snow because it’s the best time to go. The activity I like to do with my family when it is cold outside is a variety of sports.

    Speak to you next time
    From: NM

    • Hi NM
      Thanks for visiting my blog and yes it is the MCG, it is very popular in winter even on cold, wet days footy players still go out to play footy!
      That is great that you like colder places like the snow, there are so many snow activities that you can do!
      Have a great time with your family enjoying sport together.
      Thanks for your comment,
      Cheerio for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  11. Good morning Mrs Grasso
    Your posts on your blog are very cool and the comments you have written with it are very descriptive. The picture of Melbourne was beautiful.
    I like to go up to Port Douglas during winter because it is always cold in Melbourne. Typical Melbourne weather.
    I do prefer hot weather though.
    These winter holidays I went to the Phillip Island but it was still cold over there but we had lots of fun going for walks and going on heaps of road trips to places
    I hope you enjoyed your holidays.
    I hope to see you around. Again I have to say I absolutely love. your blog
    From Livsta.W

    • Hello Livsta,
      Thanks for your very interesting reply to my post and for sharing all the great things you like to do during Winter. Wow Port Douglas sounds amazing, I have never been there and I hope to get there with my family one day as my daughters love the beach and swimming!!
      Your winter holidays sound very interesting! Phillip Island is such a great place to visit, so much to do and see. My family went there a couple of years ago to see the penguins, it was fantastic!!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your most positive comment, I really appreciate it.
      Enjoy your day
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso

  12. Dear Mrs Grasso,
    I really liked looking at your blog about winter especially at the picture of the famous Melbourne sports ground, the M.C.G.

    It does look very cold in Melbourne, I can tell from the picture.
    It also sounds like you had a great time with your daughters!

    On the holidays I would rather travel to a warmer place (but not to warm) instead of a cold place.
    Have a great day!
    From K.L.

    • Hello There KL
      Thanks for your great comment on my post about Winter holidays.
      You guessed it, it is the MCG and it was such a cold, miserable day that the MCG looked almost hidden by the clouds!
      Thanks for sharing about your preferences for travelling to warmer places!
      Keep warm!
      Bye for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  13. Hello Mrs Grasso,

    I enjoyed reading and looking at your post.
    Where I live it miserable, cold, wet and foggy too.
    I went to my local not state library too and as well I went to the movies.
    My family also had delectable home-made pizza YUM,
    And I do know what that famous building is the MCG my parents went to see Collingwood and Adelaide crows play
    I prefer going to warmer placers in winter holidays like Hamilton Island, Palm cove and Noosa
    I hope you had an enjoyable holiday
    From ZN.

    • Hi ZN,
      Thanks for your great comment on my blog! Wow your winter holidays sound just like mine! Glad you enjoyed all the different activities you and your family did!
      You are correct, yes it is the MCG our most famous sports ground in Melbourne!
      I was meant to go to that game as well but I was sick on that day so I was not able to go and had to give my tickets away! I hope your parents enjoyed the game and their team won!
      I have been to Noosa, it was truly amazing! I can’t wait to take my daughters there some time in the future.
      Thanks for dropping by my blog and have a great day.
      Cheerio from Mrs Grasso

  14. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    I enjoyed looking at your picture it looks amazing.
    On the freezing holiday I went to the MCG with my family to watch the hawks play
    and it was freezing. On a cold and wet day I love to go to the movies with my family
    I hope you had fantastic holidays.
    Thanks for the post.

    From AO

    • Hello There AO,
      Thanks for your comment. Wow it must have been very cold at the MCG watching footy. I hope you had lots of warm layers or warm drinks to keep you warm throughout the match!
      What a great activity to do when it is cold, going to the movies, I hope you enjoyed some great movies in the holidays!
      It was so great to be home inside and warm during such a cold winter holiday!
      Keep warm
      Bye for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  15. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    I really liked your post about winter holidays.
    I think the famous building you saw in Melbourne is the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
    It’s great to know what you have been doing over the holidays.
    During school holidays I prefer warmer places so I can swim, eat ice-cream and travel with my family.
    Have a great day.
    From Lottalot

    • Hi Lottalot,
      You are spot on, yes it is the Melbourne Cricket Ground, it is also called the MCG and also the ‘G’ for short. It is a huge sports ground. I was standing a long way from the MCG on the bridge near Federation Square when I took that photo, however the MCG still looks like a massive sports ground!

      I like your choices for what to do when it is warm, that is exactly like what my daughters want to do in winter, go somewhere warm and eat ice-cream some times even for breakfast!
      Enjoy your day and thanks for dropping by my blog
      From Mrs Grasso

  16. Dear Mrs Grasso,

    I really like the photo. Wow Melbourne looks cold.
    During my winter holidays I like to travel to colder places such as Europe and other lovely cold places
    Have you been to Europe ?

    I hope you had a great holiday.
    From Maxiney

    • Hell Maxiney,
      Thanks for your comment, yes it was freezing cold on that day I took that photo! You can tell just from the clouds!! But I still love looking at the clouds even in winter!

      How exciting travelling to Europe when it is cold here!
      Yes I have been to Europe 14 years ago! I hope to go again soon to show my daughters around some famous parts of Europe!

      It was lovely being on holidays with my daughters and relaxing at home keeping warm!
      Thanks for your great comment
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  17. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    I really enjoyed looking at your winter post about the winter holidays.

    I can tell in this photo you we taking it of the MCG.

    I also stayed at home in Melbourne during the winter holidays in the frizzing cold weather.

    During the winter holidays I spent time with family friends, doing exciting things in the cold weather.

    I am looking forward to Semester 2 and I hope you enjoyed your Melbourne winter holidays.

    Have a wonderful week.


    • Hello There AA,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I am glad you enjoyed your winter holidays as well with your family and friends even though it was freezing cold!
      Semester 2 is going to be exciting, busy and I am sure you are going to enjoy learning so many new things!

      Thanks for visiting my blog,
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  18. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    Thanks for posting about your holidays.

    Seems that you have had heaps of fun on your winter holidays.

    I’m sure you had heaps of fun learning about Minecraft.

    During the winter holidays I like staying at home where it is cold and I can rug up into my warm, cosy cloths.

    When it’s cold outside my family enjoys
    watching and playing soccer.

    What about your family what do you like doing outside when it is cold and why.

    Thanks for your post I enjoyed reading about your winter holidays.

    From Millie

    • Hi Millie,
      Thanks for your interesting comment.
      I certainly did have lots of fun, even though I caught a cold which wasn’t very nice in the second week of the holidays! Luckily I had lots of yummy chicken soup and hot tea to keep me warm and get better before coming back to work!

      My daughters absolutely loved their workshop about Minecraft. I will share with everyone more about that in the next few weeks!

      My family also loves staying home when it is cold, snuggling up with a warm blanket on the couch watching movies.
      We also like going to the park, when the sun comes out and also giving our cat lots of cuddles as she does not like the cold weather either!

      Have a great day
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso

  19. Hi Mrs Grasso,
    I really liked your posted about the winter school holidays,
    And it’s great to know you had a great holiday and you had lots of fun with your children.
    I would really like to know if the ‘Minecarft’ workshop was good?
    And I prefer to go to colder places like up to the Mountains on the school holidays and just have fun with my family.
    Can’t wait to read your next posted.
    From OS

    • Hi OS,
      Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog, great to hear from you!
      Minecraft was so exciting for my daughters. I did not do the workshop, it was ‘Kids Only’! They absolutely loved it!! It was their cousin’s birthday who is a BIG minecraft fan so it was a birthday present to spend 2 whole days learning about MInecraft!

      Going to the mountains sounds exciting, my family like going to the mountains as well, it is a great way to warm up when it is cold, going for long walks!

      Thanks again for visiting and enjoy your day
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso

  20. Hi Miss Grasso,

    This is a great post I love it.

    This week it has been cold where I live.
    I have been to the famous stadium it’s called the MCG.

    And I also agree that many people like to get out of the cold and wet.

    When it is cold and wet my family and I play board games inside.

    I hope you have liked my post.
    From W.B

    • Hello W.B,
      Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment. Great to hear from you!
      Yes it is the MCG, it is such a huge stadium in our city and stands out so much! It was so cold that day I took that photo that the clouds nearly covered my view!

      My family also like to play board games together when it is cold and wet outside, we play ‘Go Fish’, Snap, Monopoly, my girls also like to play ‘Twister’ and play on their Xbox bowling.

      Have a great day and thanks for your comment.
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso

  21. Hi Mrs Grasso
    Thanks for posting about holidays
    I can see that you have a picture of the football ground
    When it is cold I like to stay home as well
    Thanks for posting this picture
    Bye GC

  22. Dear Mrs Grasso,

    I enjoyed reading your blog; it is a great blog for kids!

    In winter, I like escaping to warmer places like I did this year, I went to Bali.
    Have you been to a tropical Island before, if so was it fun?

    I can’t wait to read your next post!

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi There Mia,
      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you like my blog. I am trying to design it for all the kids in our school so I have a variety of different posts, pages and activities!

      Thanks for sharing about your winter holidays, how exciting going to Bali. I went there many years ago and it was truly magical, warm and the Balinese people were so friendly. I especially liked going to see the monkeys. It was a bit scary when they come up to you looking for food!
      Thanks for visiting my blog,
      Bye for now
      Cheerio Mrs Grasso

  23. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    I have been enjoying your posts and I really like your one about winter holidays.
    During winter holidays I would like travelling to warmer places.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    From Rachel.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I am so happy you are enjoying my posts! I am learning a variety of different activities in ICT, having this blog is great as I can share it with everyone at our school!

      Thanks for sharing about your preferences during your winter holidays! It seems very popular so far that many other comments share the same preference as you, travelling to warmer places!!

      Will be back to share some more posts soon,
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  24. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    I enjoyed looking at the picture about the winter holiday.
    This post is a picture of a famous building called the MCG.
    During the winter holidays, I went to Uluru for a holiday.
    Melbourne was much colder and wetter than Uluru.
    I hope you had a great winter holiday.


    • Hello RC,
      Wow how exciting visiting Uluru for your winter holidays.
      I have always wanted to go there but I have not been there yet! Hopefully one day!
      What sorts of activities did you do there? I am sure you and your family had an amazing time. Look forward to hearing more about Uluru.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  25. Hi Mrs Grasso

    Your post was very interesting .I’ve been to the MCG many times for the footy. Go Tigers. I went overseas to where it was warm for the holidays. I prefer to go to a hot climate.
    I hope you had a great holiday.

    From, Maddie

    • Hi Maddie,
      Thanks for leaving me a comment!
      How lucky are you to go to the MCG many times, I have been a few times, not many! I did go when it was the Sydney Olympics and I watched the Socceroos play a game which was exciting!
      I also went to the MCG when Pope John Paul came to Australia and said Mass at the MCG in 1986. It was a truly memorable event for me!

      How lucky were you to travel overseas where it was warm while it was freezing cold here in Melbourne!! I hope you had an amazing time with your family.
      Thanks for your comment
      Cheerio for now
      Mrs Grasso

  26. Dear Mrs Grasso,
    I enjoyed all your posts you put up on your blog, they were really fascinating.
    During the winter holidays, I would prefer to travel to colder places. One of my favourite places to go to is the snow. However, the rest of my family like to go to warmer places as they always complain that it is too cold!
    When did you last go to the snow and which mountain did you go to? Also, where do you like to go during the winter holidays?
    Have a wonderful week and a great day!

    • Hello There Neontabby,
      Thanks for your comment and your questions are very interesting!
      It is a bit tricky when some people in your family want to do different activities during the holidays! I hope you could come to a decision that was fair for everyone!

      Last time I went to the snow was Mount Buller, I was learning how to ski but, I was not very successful. It was a long, long time ago! I would love to go again and my daughters are wanting to go so maybe next year!

      When it is cold and wet outside, my family and I like to stay indoors and play bowling on the XBox, or make home made scones, pancakes and pizza then we watch a movie together!
      Thanks for asking!
      Have a wonderful day
      Mrs Grasso

  27. Hello Mrs Grasso

    I found the post that you did on the winter holidays was true. In the picture of the MCG it looks very windy. I agree, the winter holidays for me were cold so I stayed inside for most of the time. Every holiday I go on I hope that it would be in a warm place. My family and I like going to our beach house. Thanks for posting about the winter holidays. Looking forward to learning about blogging throughout the term.
    Kind regards MLR

    • Hi MLR,
      Thanks for sharing about your winter holidays and you are so correct, it was freezing on the day I took that photo of the MCG. My hands were frozen cold that the previous photo I took was blurry, my hands were shaking it was so cold, luckily I took a few photos and that photo was the best one!
      Going to somewhere warm sounds wonderful, how lucky you are to have a beach house to enjoy in both Summer and Winter.

      I am glad you are looking forward to learning about blogging. It is a great way to share and learn!
      Have a happy day
      Bye for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  28. Dear Mrs. Grasso

    Your post about winter holidays was very interesting and the photo was very nice.

    I know what the famous building you saw, it’s the MCG I have been there before with my family to watch the footy I go for the Kangaroos. Where I live it has been cold as well.

    During the winter holiday I prefer to go to colder places like the mountains to ski.

    I hope you had a really good holiday.

    • Hello There NN,
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog!
      You are spot on, yes it is the MCG, no one was playing the day I took that photo, even though my daughters wanted to go and double check just incase there was a game on during the day on a Monday morning!!

      What a great activity to do when it is cold, go skiing! I hope you had lots of fun up on the snowy mountains!
      Thanks for sharing about your holiday preferences.
      Bye for now
      From Mrs Grasso

  29. Hello Mrs Grasso,

    I really enjoyed your winter post.

    I am pretty sure that the question you asked me of the sport stadium is the MCG.

    I also live in Australia and I stayed home during the winter holidays.

    During my holidays, I was celebrating my brother’s birthday.

    When it is cold, my family and I like to stay inside and turn the heating on.

    Thank you.


    • Hi MB,
      Thanks for sharing about your holidays and I hope your brother had a great birthday!
      Sometimes it is great staying home during the holidays just to relax as during the term it can be very busy!

      I agree with you, staying inside, turning on the heating is the best thing when it is cold outside!
      Thanks for your comment
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  30. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    Thank you for you post I enjoyed it very much!
    I can tell that you are standing near the MCG.
    I like to stay at home on my winter holidays.
    While on my winter holiday I like to play games (minecraft), watch television and eat pizza.
    Thank you for posting your blog I have enjoyed reading it!
    From Leanne

    • Hi Leanne,
      Thanks for sharing about your winter holidays and I am glad you also like Minecraft like my daughters, it is a very creative game!
      You are spot on, yes I am near the MCG, it was freezing the day I took that photo but I just loved the clouds they looked amazing as they were moving across the city getting ready to drop heaps of rain all over the place!

      Watching TV and eating pizza sounds like a great activity to do when it is cold and we outside, that is a popular suggestion from my daughters quite often!!

      Thanks for posting a comment on my blog,
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

  31. Hi Mrs Grasso,

    You’re winter post was really interesting to read, I really enjoyed reading you’re post about winter because some of it made connections to my holiday (especially making pizza). Also Mrs Grasso, what else makes you so fascinated by clouds?
    It really seems like you enjoyed your holiday,

    Have a nice day!
    Kind Regards, Lucia

    • Hi Lucia,
      Thanks for your positive comment about my post and I am glad you enjoyed it as you also shared similar experiences on your holidays! We love making pizza when it is cold and wet outside and then watching a movie together as a family relaxing with the heater on!

      I have loved watching clouds ever since I was a little girl, I used to sit out in my backyard and watch as they changed shape , colour,direction. Then when I was in secondary school I just loved learning all the different names for the different types of clouds in Science, it just fascinated me and still does to this very day! I think I wanted to be a meteorologist when I was younger, but decided teaching would be more exciting!
      Thanks for your interesting questions.
      Enjoy those amazing clouds
      Bye for now
      Mrs Grasso

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